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Pediatric Occupational and Developmental Therapy to Equip Your Family with Calm and Confidence

We provide occupational and developmental therapy to help families and children succeed in the skills and routines of everyday life. Our therapists provide help by meeting your children where they naturally spend their day – in your home and community.

What is pediatric occupational therapy?

Our focus is on building everyday skills for children and their families. Occupations are the activities your child does every day. From using their hands, getting dressing, navigating emotions, and learning.

What is developmental therapy?

In addition to occupational therapy, we provide developmental therapy as needed for families participating in early intervention. This unique service looks at the big picture of developmental milestones for a child – with the intention of getting ready with the skills they need for preschool or kindergarten.

Our Approach

Partner with Parents: Our services are as much for the parent as for the child. You are incorporated into our sessions. By learning with your child, you become the champion of their success.

Maximize the Environment: We come to you.  We understand your space. We find simple solutions that already exist in your home.

Help your Child: Helping your child is our main mission! We have a whole host of ways to help your child thrive. Including addressing physical, emotional, and cognitive concerns using play, environment, and practice.

Harness Power of Good Routine: We find ways to simplify and make your day run more smoothly; eliminating overwhelm and providing real solutions that are easy to use.

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We see a wide range of children, each with unique challenges and countless joys.
Here are some of the common challenges we treat:

Fussy babies
Childhood anxiety
Difficulty in school
Missing milestones
Sensory processing concerns
Childhood conditions including brain disorders, skeletal conditions, cerebral palsy, and genetic disorders

Children with medically complexity
Emotional Regulation
Motor Skills
Social skills
Executive functioning
Pediatric limb differences
And much more!

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Reach out for free

We schedule and
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We provide ongoing
treatment sessions,
only if needed

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– We provide in-person therapy OT services in Northern Illinois including Lake, McHenry, Cook, DuPage, and Kane Counties. We also provide Telehealth services to all families in the state of Illinois.

– Our services range from Infants to School-Age children.

– Services are covered through early intervention, insurance, and private pay.

– We are committed to checking your coverage, providing creative payment options, and maximizing your insurance benefits based on your specific situation.

Who We Are

We are a group of committed and passionate occupational and developmental therapists serving Lake, McHenry, Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties.

Our pediatric OT practice is founded on some strong core values. First of all, your child deserves every opportunity to thrive.

Our therapy makes a difference. Our clients notice a difference in not only weekly sessions, but for a lifetime.

We accomplish this by focusing on building-up each child, empowering parents, and keepings things simple to create environments and routines that work.

Understanding the deep privilege of entering your life and home, it’s our promise to honor your culture, your values, and the moment you are living right now.

We offer our services without judgment and with the real desire to see from your point of view. To listen and to learn so we can provide suggestions and guidance that will work for your family.


Learn more about our practice and story:

Mother of Khloe

Michelle has made Khloe more comfortable around people she doesn’t know, as she has bad anxiety around others. Michelle has really taught me a lot about Khloe’s upper muscle tone and how it may affect her when doing certain movements. With her recommendations and exercises I am able to do them with Khloe and over time it has improved Khloe’s high tone and getting her comfortable and confident in trying more things. By watching how she does things I can understand better how to do them myself so it’s very beneficial. Khloe’s is able to do a lot more things with her arms than when she first started.

Mother of MDW

Working with Sarah changed M in so many ways. She tolerated sessions longer, she developed more patience and even started anticipating how the hour would go. I think one of the biggest changes for M was learning proper play with her toys. It was remarkable to see her development within the first six months of therapy. Also, patience, patience, patience – she changed tenfold. When we first started therapy I was apprehensive. I was worried about the unknown and how my daughter would adjust. After our first months I realized I was more worried about me than M. Fast forward 24 months and I cried when we aged out of Therapy. I learned so much about myself and daughter thanks to Sarah.

Mother of Lola

Working with Kate was life-changing for our entire family. We knew that our daughter was struggling with transitions and new experiences were difficult for her. She was delayed in her language skills and content without being able to communicate. As her parents it was difficult to watch and not be able to ease her challenges. Kate came in and immediately believed in her and her abilities. Her positive attitude and continual positive reinforcement helped Lola reach her goals in record time and helped us as parents feel more confident in what we were doing to support our child. Kate understood what our daughter was going through when others just thought she was being difficult. We looked forward to every one of our sessions.